Want more sparks in romance? Sext instead of flirting!

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Sexting is depicted as the demonstration of sending sexually unequivocal messages chiefly through cell phones. A 21st century development that ended up plainly prevalent with the progression in innovation on web correspondence, including content, as well as pictures and recordings of unobtrusive sexual innuendoes to by and large sexual acts.

A few reviews completed by specialists on messaging uncover that its utilization now cut crosswise over age gatherings and class instead of prior reviews which proposed that it is predominantly rehearsed by youngsters.

Despite the fact that laden with negative essences by numerous, particularly due to the dangers included, sexting has likewise been found to have a few advantages where appropriately oversaw and saddled by those included. Sexting may in fact be utilized to improve connections and sexual fulfillment in a romantic relationship. It is especially useful for couples who do not get the chance to see each different as much as they might want and has even been found that the requirement for it turns out to be even uplifted when this happens.

Sexting for the most part will function admirably for most couple since it gives a stage to you to stay close despite the fact that you can’t see each other. A noteworthy in addition to for sexting is that for the bashful accomplice, you can really examine your sexual inclinations and dreams without so much restraint, in this way advancing solid correspondence. It is likewise a decent type of foreplay paving the way to the genuine article as accomplices can send messages of their goals well before they physically interface with develop expectation.

To keep the fire of affection and sentiment smouldering, sexting is ideal for being a tease and holding seeing someone. Sexting permits accomplices boundless open doors and creative abilities as you can either make your own particular substance or source them from others or the web. How far you go as far as explicitness of substance would rely on upon you and your accomplice?

How about we attempt some of these thoughts to guide you as far as you can tell?

  • Be cautious

For sexting, alert ought to be your watch word at all circumstances. This is a direct result of the negative reactions and astonishment’s one may endure ought to something turn out badly. On the off chance that you are sending individual substance particularly sexually express pictures and recordings, be extremely watchful that you are doing it with somebody you know and trust, and is not liable to break that trust.

Never forget that change is in some cases inescapable and individuals will dependably develop, thus, notwithstanding when you think you cherish or believe somebody profoundly, recall that you can’t control how the other individual feels, nor anticipate their activities ought to the conditions of your relationship change. Numerous ex significant others out of outrage and dislike have been known to do unspeakable things to their past friends and family. Additionally, messages can misunderstand into hand, that is the reason mishaps happen. Keep in mind that mishaps do happen. The send catch on hour cell phones does precisely what it should on the moment. An error can happen. You may send stuff to wrong contacts. Ensure you are large and in charge before you send in light of the fact that you can’t ‘unsend’.

  • Be straightforward

Many accomplices think that it is hard to discuss viably with each other, particularly one on one. We have seen guardians whose children go about as channels of correspondence between them in most dire outcome imaginable. Sexting manages accomplices chance to convey what needs be without enthusiastic or mental hindrances. Sexting with help you deal with your bashfulness or disgrace and may even lift your certainty. In the event that you can’t found in your own words what you need to do or need done to you, you can ride on others by utilizing pictures of your inclinations. While gisting with a companion whose accomplice works away, she demonstrated to me a photo of a kissing couple her accomplice had sent her the prior night. It was meant to be their goodnight kiss in a symbolized way. In spite of the fact that the photo was nothing unequivocal, it said a thousand words and she got so aroused that she had a wet dream that night. Similarly, never send messages you have no intentions of following up. It will just make you seem like a bother and liar. It is not decent to lead individuals on particularly at the early phases of a relationship.

  • Be unique

Nothing beats innovation in sexting. It is your and more important in light of the fact that it comes straight from the heart of the essayist. Your own substance will most likely have more effect than substance sourced from the web.

Around there, we will suggest content informing. With content, you can state whatever you need to and it will be yours. You can be express or hesitant relying upon taste. Most circumstances, toning it down would be best however. Attempt to start his creative ability instead of divulge the unadulterated truth without a moment’s delay.
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10 Natural Ways of Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Nowadays, men are suffering from more sexual dysfunctions than their previous generations. Long working hours, night shifts, irregular diet, too much of processed food, unnecessary use of medicines, lack of sleep, exercise and personal time are making life harder.

Most men do not even get a chance of hugging their partners properly, when they are too exhausted from her. Perhaps, the use of energy drinks have increased because of the pressure modern lifestyle has put on them. People have very little time to devote to their partners. Having a satisfying sexual session is a far away dream for most men. There is a rise in depression, anxiety and sexual disorders which is taking a toll on their personal lives. Apart from all this, radiation emitting from electronic devices is another cause of disorders like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

In a world like today, it is very important to stay happy. People are turning to nature for the cure of their problems. In fact, researchers have found that men who suffer from sexual disorders find more relief if they use natural cures. We are presenting 10 natural ways which can provide relief in such problems:

1. Regular Exercise: Exercising infuses new energy in body, improves metabolism, strengthens muscles, it also increases the level of nitric oxide in body which is crucial in love-making.

2. Diet: Overeating or less eating isn’t an option. Regular consumption of refined or processed food weakens the digestive system which in turn weakens the immunity and strength. If proper and balanced diet is taken then body would generate more energy.

3. Sleep Well: 8 hours of sleep is important for proper function of body. Low testosterone levels are reported with lack of sleep which in turn affects sexual performance.

4. Quit Drugs: Drugs usage is renowned for causing permanent damage to body. Quit drugs of any kind if you want to improve your sexual stamina.

5. Stop using unnecessary medicines: Availability of medicines have made it easier for people to treat themselves. As a result, people consume medicines without doctor’s prescriptions. Over consumption of medicines is another cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

6. Meditation: Meditation is known for its positive effect on one’s body and mind. It boosts energy and improves concentration. It is a must for people who are worried about their sexual disorders.

7. Yoga:Yoga releases energy for mind and body. Researchers have found that it also improves sexual stamina and cures erectile dysfunction.

8. Quit Alcohol: Alcohol consumption both temporary as well as long term causes erectile dysfunction. Alcohol should be strictly limited if one wants to free himself from sexual disorders.

9. Herbal remedies: Many fruits, vegetables and herbs are blessed with aphrodisiac properties. These are to be tried before going to a doctor.

10. No Stress: Stress is one of the main causes which affect a person’s health. A man must not take too much stress because of any problem. Thinking for a solution is a better way than taking tension which will only affect you in a negative way.


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Not performing at job? Have more sex to fix it!

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Such are the times that people have started thinking that they can only do justice to their professional lives when they start working overtime to earn extra money and appraisal from boss. Dress codes, professional etiquettes and mechanized picture-perfect performance are what people swear by as their success mantra.

Contrary to the popular beliefs, working like a slave does not give you brownie points; a satisfied personal life does. Mingling with boss is good only till the time it doesn’t start sucking love out of your life.  It is observed by several studies that people who spent more time at work were unhappy as compared to those who maintained work-life balance. Of course, work is important but successful people do not neglect their personal lives.

Productivity is an important factor which is required in every field of life, be it career, family, sex or social life. Change is the only constant thing they say. Constancy in any area is bound to affect other parts which will result in such imbalance that it will disrupt all mental peace and happiness.

Studies have shown that successful work life is based on focus, creativity, and energy. It was found that men and women were far more productive and engaged if they’d had satisfying sex the night before. While there other components such as motivation and discipline which lead to a perfect office life, our discussion is restricted to impact of sex on work-related productivity. We know that many people would be surprised at the correlation of these two. The truth is that even many researchers have validated our claim that a successful sexual life works wonders for professional life as well.

Researchers found that people who dragged work stress home had worse sex because their minds were already occupied with stress which they chose to retain even at the time of sexual act. People who knew where to draw a healthy line between work and partner were found to be happier. Why? Sex triggers the release of quartet Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, which makes it an “automatic” mood elevator.  These are called happy hormones, chemicals or neurotransmitters for the sole reason that they are responsible for euphoric feeling whenever someone is extremely happy, relaxed or excited. Many events can result in triggering of these neurotransmitters, but sex is one such act that cannot be ignored for its importance.

People should be able to see the difference themselves; if a person isn’t happy in personal (sexual) life, how can work compensate for it?  Work simply acts as a distraction or a secondary prize in case of failure. A person who is satisfied in his/her sexual life should spread vibrant energy, not dull routine. Just try to remember time when you had mind-blowing sex and everyone at work seemed to wonder at and envy your energy spilling here and there. That was the day when you were hopping here and there, and did not mind some extra work thrown at you. No longer should it be denied that sex has emotional, social and physiological benefits which are stretched to professional arena.

An obvious thing is often ignored by offices that their employees need recreation time as well; they are mot machines but people who need some time for themselves too. The corporate mindset has made life tough for people by giving them less time for personal life. People who share healthy sexual and emotional bonds with their partners or spouses are happier and exhilarated. Studies have affirmed that  people who have successful and satisfying orgasms least once a day are more likely to enjoy their jobs, work hard, and move up the career ladder, as they are feeling happy from inside.  Such people are pro at maintaining healthy work-personal life balance.

If we try to see it from a neutral perspective, a happy employee would make his boss happy. Isn’t it simple? Here are few points which relate satisfied sexual life to performance at work-

  • Making love unlocks emotions( it helps in unwinding and relaxing)
  • Making love improves mood and energy
  • Relieves stress and induces happy hormones
  • Exercises the muscles( increases the fitness)
  • Prolongs life( fights ageing by keeping the muscles active)

Do you need more reasons to spend more time with your partner? We have given you a very good reason to be cozy. Why not? If it is benefitting your career!


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Why men and women’s libido should not be compared?

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Women have been tied up by age-old belief that they show sexually submissive behaviors in comparison to men. Same goes for men as well.  In our society, it is stereotypical gender based behavioral boundaries which decide and shape opinion about a gender. It is common for society to look for differences and not similarities between both genders. Perhaps this is the reason female sexuality has remained majorly an undiscussed issue, and rather a misunderstood one.

The scientific researchers have claimed that men have higher sex drive as compared to women, which is true anyway, but it is just tip of an iceberg. Initially, we can assume that women’s sexuality is a forbidden area which not explored, instead looked down upon, and even exploited for commercial reasons where they have to act sexually at the drop of hat. Even when differences are found, the number of these differences varies as a result of two main factors such as age and culture.

It is of course true that sex occupies men’s mind; sex is thought about at least twice a day if arousals and accidental erections are ignored. Studies have shown that their sexual drives are stronger than women; their neurons can fire sex signals at any point of time. In simpler words, their sexual desires are much more straightforward as compared to women.

Men & Women’s Libido Should Not Be Compared

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What women think about sex is not explored much. However, there are certain factors like ability to have multiple orgasms and have sex for long duration once turned on. Women’s physiology and anatomy is different and this is what makes them respond differently to sexual stimulus. They do not have obvious readable signs which indicate their sexual arousal.

Most males experience a rest period (refractory period) after which they are ready to do another sex session. The sexual arousal in men is easier to determine; while women’s complex biology make it harder to figure out what excites them. In fact, most women do not even know what would excite them. Their sexual desires are intertwined with partner’s attitude, place, security and level of attraction. It has been suggested (Basson, 2000) that a woman’s sexual desire may be directly associated with erotic physical stimulation or situational factors. It is different than men where a mere sexual thought or fantasy would ignite the fire.  The sources of women’s libidos are harder to nail down.

The common view has always relied on women’s sex drive being driven by social and cultural factors, which is true but does not represent entire picture. In fact, Women’s libidos can be compared to a complex puzzle like a rubic cube; they need specificity of what arouses them rather than the stimulus.

Men and women definitely respond differently to stimulus and response because of their biological makeup.  A man’s arousal quickly dies after an orgasm, a woman’s arousal rises slowly and dies gradually after reaching a peak; it follows parabolic path. Women’s libidinous nature is in fact quality-based since it is more specific to stimulus. The intensity and quickness of men’s arousal cannot be compared to women as these two sexes simply respond differently to sex.  It doesn’t make men more sexual beings and women passive ones. Also, it should not make people think that they are uninterested in sex.

Maybe men should not jump in bed directly as it would be a turn-off for their partners. Paying attention to what makes them feel loved would do the trick.

We believe that there are as many numbers of women as men who have higher sexual drive. Both sexes were created differently, so they simply act differently.

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Why sex is an Important exercise?

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The Importance of Sexual Routine

Many people associate a healthful lifestyle with habits that are not exactly interesting for people. The very image of men and women pulling heavy weights, extreme workouts and following strict diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, there are lighter exercises as well and much less strict diets. Exercising is known to people in the form of extreme activities. Sadly, people do not understand this much. Any physical activity can be considered as exercise if it burns calories. It is a misconception that you have burn a hold in your pocket and burn your sweat to be known as a fit person.

Sex is an underrated form of exercise because most people do not take it as one. It is one form of experiencing pleasure which is restricted as a pleasure time only. In fact, doctors and researchers have affirmed its importance as a moderately intense form of exercise which is a healthy form of burning calories. There is no denying that sex is indeed a pleasurable exercise which is good for physical as well as mental health. There are many informative pieces in magazines and websites which affirm the importance of regular sex which boosts happy feelings, confidence and chemistry between partners.

What we are intending to say is that for a healthy life, sexual happiness is very important. It can provide you longer and enjoyable life. What more we could add? If you are experiencing a dip in workplace performance, then simply following a healthy sexual routine would help you in distressing.

Even though it is a hush-hush topic in a society like ours, it does not stop us from looking at its benefits: –

1. Rock-solid Immunity

It should not be surprising for you if we are saying this. Studies have shown that people who follow a healthy sexual routine have significantly higher immune defense. Those People are found to be having higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is known as primary line of defense. IgA gives strong protection to body against foreign microorganisms Its job is to fight off invading organisms at their entry points. Since it deals with the intruders at the first level itself, the activation of body’s main immune system is not needed.

2. Cardiovascular Health

Sex and cardiovascular health really go along with each other. If you want to have a healthy heart, you should have frequent sex. a healthy sex life will decrease your risk of having a heart attack. Sex is an act or exercise which puts big muscles in a continuous rhythmic action. It lowers blood pressure, releases happy hormones (dopamine), causes stress reduction by releasing estrogen and testosterone which cements the feeling of love between couples. (We are not talking about one night stands folks!)

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Sexual intercourse, is associated with better stress response and is known for distressing by lowering blood pressure. Sex puts the body in a rhythmic motion and puts big muscles to work, thus putting the release of oxytocin and estrogen in action and directly causes the lowering of blood pressure. It is particularly pleasurable for women.

4. An Interesting Form of Exercise

Sex is a great form of exercise for those people who are not able to gather courage to get out of bed. No matter how sparkling the idea of gym or morning exercises seems, the bravest of people feel their knees weak in the warmth of bed. Isn’t it great that sexual routine is a gym which comes directly to your bed? Sex boosts the heart rate, puts muscles to work and burns calories. You must have felt hungry after having sex which is indicative that your body burnt some calories. Flexibility and balance can be achieved with the bedroom gym.

5. Pain Relief

It is experienced by people that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back, leg pain, menstrual cramps, migraine and cluster headaches, arthritic pain and relaxes muscles. Any sexual activity releases pain-reducing hormones(dopamine) and can lead to feeling of happiness, pleasure and euphoria which obviously blocks any kind of pain reception.

6. Potentially Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

Research has shown that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month, during sex or masturbation, are less prone to developing prostate cancer.

7. Helps in Getting Quality Sleep

Sexual act triggers the release of prolactin hormone which allows the people to drift into relaxed and peaceful sleep. There is no denying that sex is a great way of relaxing. Where there is relaxation, there are greater chances that the person will be nicely cuddled up. After sex, the relaxation-inducing hormone prolactin is released, which may help you to nod off more quickly. The release of oxytocin also helps in sleeping.

8. Relieves all kind of stress

Sex triggers your body to release its natural feel-good chemicals known as dopamine which relaxes the body and helps in releasing stress, increasing, easing tension, and boosting self-esteem. Doctors themselves suggest having sex at least once every two days. Such people are more confident and productive at work. They definitely do not feel shy from public speaking.

9. Spikes Your Libido

Sex is like a drug but a healthy one; the more you have sex, the more you want to keep doing it. It is a beneficial routine for both men and women. A healthy sex routine would increase blood flow and vaginal lubrication. Regular sex would increase the blood flow in sexual organs, thus leading to libido boost.

10. Strengthens Bladder Control in Women

The best benefit women can get is the strengthening of pelvic muscles due to contraction of Intercourse helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which contracts during orgasm. Frequent, healthy sex routine would act as workout for vagina. Vaginal muscles can be strengthened to have more fun by practicing Kegal exercise in which pelvic floor muscles are held back for few seconds as if urinal flow is being stopped.

11. Increases Intimacy between couples

Sex and orgasms result in increased levels of the hormone oxytocin — the “love” hormone — that helps you feel bonded to your partner, and better experience empathic connections


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How To Please Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

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We know how depressing it is when you look at your little buddy and feel that it is inadequate to help you live a happy routine every day. No man in his complete senses is ever going to admit his lack of potential in pleasing his partner. Lack of knowledge is still acceptable, but having a small penis is something which is sufficient to crush any man’s self-esteem.

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Penis size has been considered the most vital part of any man’s manliness. Scientists revealed that the average length of an erect penis is 5.2 inches (13.12 cm), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches (9.16 cm) and 5.2 inches (13.24 cm) when flaccid but stretched. Men come in all shapes and sizes like other living creatures, so do women. The preference of women in terms of penile length doesn’t head in one direction.  There are women who prefer bigger penises, and then there are those who do not care about it at all.

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The good news is that you can experience maximum pleasure with the right person, regardless of the size of your manhood.  We are sure that you will live the best time for your life every night once you try these tips:

Rear-Entry is your life saver:

Penetrating from rear side would have its own advantages as this offers you deeper penetration. It will help you in hitting sensitive areas in the depth.There is a reason men love a particular sex position called “doggy style”Rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her bottom up, then have her squeeze her thighs. Avoid using a lubricant if your penis less than 5 inches. It is very important that she feels the friction.

Longer Foreplay:

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The truest test of your love is when you do not directly jump into bed to penetrate her. It shows nothing but desperation. Foreplay is a set of activities which are done before the actual act of penetration. Act of kissing, touching, hugging, and erotic moments is called foreplay. It helps in spiking the arousal. It is an established fact- longer the foreplay, better the lovemaking. Ask any woman if she prefers a longer foreplay or not? She will always answer in “yes”.

Make her feel Sexy:

Sometimes, it’s not size but the woman herself. Many women fail to achieve enough arousal because they do not feel comfortable with their bodies.

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To boost her confidence, make her stand in front of a mirror and seduce her. Touch her erotically, kiss her passionately and tease her playfully. Show her that you want her. Play with her body parts and compliment on her sexiness. She will soon drop her garb of her shyness and love every touch of yours.

Try New Positions:

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It could be possible that your regular position is not allowing you to make use of your manhood’s potential to the fullest. Researchers have established that 3 inches of erect penis is enough to sensitize the vagina. The most sensitive area of vagina is only three inches deep. There are several positions which target most sensitive areas of vagina irrespective of penis size.

Use Your Hands:

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Use your fingers to arouse her. You can make her go wild using fingering technique. Play with her body parts and hair, touch her sensually and whisper sexy things in ears simultaneously.  Talking and fondling make a wonderful combination, so go ahead and try it.


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The ultimate tips to be women’s favorite

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No, we are not pretending to be know-it-all! We are definitely not fortune tellers who claim to read women’s minds. However, we are assuring you that our tips will help you out in seeking attention of women you want to date. This is not some rocket-science which is extremely hard to understand. We will talk in a straight forward manner because we know how frustrating it can get when guys with no breathtaking looks, resources, personality, or sense of humor. Being rich or having model like looks would take you nowhere if you will not try to read between the lines. Even average looking guys can attract girls when they attention to basic details of female behavior.

Have you tried to figure out why few very average looking geeks get hot and happening girlfriends when you cannot even get a call back from the girl you passed your number to? Perhaps he knows something which you do not!

Impressing women is not a rocket-science if simple cues are paid attention to. It sounds old fashioned in such a speedy world where concepts of dating and relationships have changed drastically but some old-fashioned ways are eternal when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Just think about a celebrity or an athlete whose only goal is themselves. They are their own idols. That is why they work hard to excel in something which they are already good at. They trust their guts and go according to that. You have to think just like them; just with a clear mind which is receptive to more logical thoughts. The same technique can be used to talk to girls in a way which would always work.

Body Language: The best psychological trick to a woman’s heart is the body language. Imagine a very attractive woman who is walking towards you; you will automatically straighten your spine and shoulders. Your posture would depend on how close she is getting. The closer she will get, the more your confidence will increase. This will not go unnoticed and she will at least throw a curious glance at you if not any other hint.

Body language is the best way to decode someone’s confidence. No woman wants to initiate conversation with a person who is not even confident in the first place. If we look at this perspective in evolutionary manner, women feel more secure and protected with a man who is confident of his action. Mind it, we are not talking about those guys who believe in showing off their wealth or bragging about their achievements because it simply screams “I am a jerk”, which is enough to repel women who will not like to be in the circle of such guys. They will simply go away or avoid confrontation with such men.

Be confident of who you are! We will rather say that there is no harm in expressing your natural behavior. Women get attracted to men who think that it is OK to be vulnerable in front of opposite sex. Of course, this thing would be an utter failure if your natural thoughts are misogynistic towards them.

Personify your idol for inspiration: This is the age of social media where everyone knows about everyone. So, it is not surprising that internet is so full of information about people, especially celebrities, authors, religious and political figures, sportsmen and emerging talents. We would be really shocked if someone is not keeping up with current trends. Such people have all the power to impact your attitude since they are always under scanner by public eye. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example; he is an Austrian-American actor, producer, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, politician and former professional bodybuilder. He also served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. He has come a long way from being a weight trainer at the age of fifteen to a man who is idol of many people.

You do not have to actually personify a famous figure, you are bound to lose terribly because women know when you are faking to be charismatic. If actual Arnold Schwarzenegger walks beside you then you stand no chance of attracting a girl.

Ok, now let us stop joking. It is always beneficial to incorporate good things of famous figures in your behavior- body language, dressing sense, positive attitude, confidence, fitness schedule and good nature. There are many famous people who are aggressively pursuing genuine social work.

You do not have to lose yourself, you simply have to blend some of good habits and behaviors and put social media to good use. It is the inner confidence and good intentions which matter.

Be patient and focus: Do not rush into things immediately; you might fail miserably. Good things always take time to happen. Do not let past rejections get in your way to date a girl you like.

Make a bubble bath for yourself and introspect on feeling confident. This will also lead you closer to your target.

• Notice her likes and dislikes without being a creep
• Try to help whenever you can
• Give genuine compliments
• Try to stay in positive spirits
• Giver her space. Women do not like clingy or over possessive men.
• Do not show your desperation. Calm down and feel positive that you will succeed in getting the attention of girl you like.
• Focus on your hygiene and Dress up nicely. It is a well-known fact that women love men who follow hygiene routines. This is indicative of discipline.
• It is equally important to focus on mental hygiene as well. Flush your stinky attitude and be a gentleman.

Hope this helps! It takes zero money to be a nice and respectful man with good sense of fashion.


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5 Postions to Spice up Your Bedroom

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Sex Positions That Give Her More Satisfaction

Sex without some spice is always boring. It might drain your sexual experience over the course of time, if any experimentation is not sought. Many people are struggling with their love lives.
Here we are to provide you with some positions which will not only give you and your partner the room for experimentation; also you will never feel bored again!

1. Woman on Top:

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Nothing excites a guy more than the moment when role reversal is sought. Traditionally, men are supposed to take charge in bed. This position would allow a woman to take charge and relax a guy. This will give his partner the leverage of being in driver’s seat. This position allows penis to penetrate deeper and provide more sensation which will drive both of them crazy. Also, it allows him to see your body in full view.

2. Missionary:

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This is a standard favorite because it puts the guy in control, while still being intimate. The guy lies over the woman and holds her hands on the top of her head. His partner can also guide him by pushing his hips if she wants him to go deeper. This position allows maximum skin contact and you can communicate with eyes as much as you want to

3. Doggy Style:

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This is a rear-entry position which puts him in the driver’s seat. Men just love this position because it allows them to push deeper and control the speed as well. Deeper insertion would make him and his partner crazy. This position is loved by women as well. Also, this is counted as one of the best positions to get pregnant as the insertion is deep allowing sperms to be deposited as near as possible to the ovaries.

4. The Lap Dance:

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Many couples shy away from trying this experiment. You can allow him to sit on a chair and you try to excite him by dancing on his lap. This will put the woman in control. Strip teasing would make his mind boggle with bursting excitement. Tease him as much as you can. This will allow both partners to be extremely close, Eye contact is facilitated and he can also touch your back, hips, and tug your hair. This is one of the most popular positions which are equally enjoyed by men and women.

5. Butterfly:

In butterfly position woman lies back on the corner of the bed and the man stands or leans closer to her to enter his manhood. It comes out as an extremely sensual position as it allows him to see your body in full display while he is in charge. He will be crazy on seeing you in this position. It allows him to go deeper and watch you moan at the same time. Nothing more than the feeling of dominance would make him feel like a king in the bedroom.


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5 Truths About Porn Videos Which You Must Know

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Shocking Facts About Porn You Probably Didn’t Know

We all have been at the point when we were exposed to porn videos out of curiosity. Adolescence is such an age when your brain is rewiring itself and neurological activity is at its maximum. Sex and sexuality intrigue the most at this age. Porn is something which is not openly talked about in a conservative society like us. Hence, all the unanswered questions are sought after through the world which was unknown to people till they grew up enough to understand it.

Porn survives solely on gender stereotypes and misconceptions about sex. It is understood that people are often mislead into believing that porn stars are having mind-blowing sex, and are blessed with amazing stamina and looks.  They are often envied for knowing so much about sex, the pleasure of which is often denied to common population.

The truth is that “Grass looks greener on the other side”. Porn videos often push people into pursuing unrealistic expectations, which if not met are bound to create insecurities about one’s looks. This is enough to push someone over the course of time.

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We are trying to clear few misconceptions about porn videos:

  • Perfect Bodies: It must not be forgotten that porn is no different than show business. Porn stars have to maintain their bodies and looks at the whims and fancies of directors. Their assets are not original; bigger penises and breasts are achieved by plastic surgery.
  • An hour long sex session: Porn sites upload several videos ranging from 5 minutes to an hour. We hate to burst your bubble but longer videos are mere compilation of smaller videos which are shot in pieces.  It is not possible to be prime and pristine and have long sessions at the same time.
  • Sex positions: Porn videos create unrealistic expectations in the minds of people. It is often shown in these videos that almost every position is enjoyed by porn stars. It makes people question about their sexual capacities; which if not met create insecurities and frustration. Every person have their favorite positions and they avoid the ones in which they feel pain.
  • Stereotyping: Approximately 70% of women in porn are Caucasian and blonde. It is always shown in porn videos that women are only looking for sex and men are always ready to do so.  Moreover, porn mostly plays on racism and behavior stereotyping. For example, blonde haired women are always shown to be stupid and lusty; Asian women are always petite and shy; and Africans are wild.
  • Piercings and tattoos: If someone is having high sexual desire, then s/he must have some piercings. Just because porn shows women having piercings on stomach and lips, and tattoos on their bodies, it does not mean that they are measurement criteria of how shy or docile a person is. Excessive show of one feature would be equivalent of embedding it in the minds of people as a truth.

    One should get advice from his doctor before buying any product.

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Maximize Pleasure during Sex


Maximize Pleasure during Sex


best penis enlargement medicine.


There is no denying that sex is a necessary part of our lives nowadays. It is something which needs to be spiced up every now and then because couples are not bound to stay with each other in case something goes wrong. Life is unfair; modern lifestyle leaves a little time for couples to spend together. It is the biggest truth that if a relationship has to survive, sex has to be good. The only problem is that there is so less quality time and no particular position or move would keep your partner satisfied for a long time.

We are sharing some points which will make your sex life worthwhile-

  1. More experimentation – Love will die a premature death if there is no experimentation in sex routine. It is common for people to stick to particular sexual routine, positions or moves which they feel always work for them. Many different ways are available to explore and infuse spice at the time of sex.  Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Rushing the learning process might make you look like a desperate one. It could go worse when you force your partner in doing different things. You need to talk to your partner or make him/her understand the importance of experimentation. For example, trying bondage is extremely popular nowadays. It is recommended, once both partners are ready, that light props like towels and ties are used.
  2. Stop Obsessing Over Orgasm – Everyone is obsessed with orgasm to an extent that sex has been reduced to just pumping action and ultimate orgasm. We are not saying that it should not be given importance because doctors and scientists have said that obsession over one thing for too long does exactly the opposite. Sex should be done with free mind and the body will respond naturally.
  3. Natural Oil Massages – Would you not consider it as a lovely feeling when you are touching your partner intimately. The wise thinking is in taking it slow. Maybe you can start with body massage? Massage not only relieves the tension in your muscles, it decreases stress and brings a couple closer. Moreover, who knows that it ignites a steamy sex session between you two?
  4. Be Adventurous – Adventure lies in stepping out of comfort zone unless you decide to strangle your love life with own hands. Make out at the most unexpected places like parents’ bedroom, trial rooms or tents. There is no lack of places when it comes to making love. The magic of sex can be recreated by changing places. Men are highly visual creatures and change of places would keep both partners sexually charged. You will be missing a lot of thrill if you choose to stick to a boring routine.
  5. Have patience – It is better to not to take risk when it comes to a pleasurable act like sex. A couple who have not yet tried different positions like anal sex should be patient. Couples often get excited at the thought of trying something new but apprehension kicks in sometimes. Also, nothing should be forced. For example, anal sex is made to look like vaginal sex but it is not so in real life. Anus does not have stretchable skin like vagina so it hurts. However, if penetration is done gradually then the act is successful. Sex is no rocket science but too much of fastness kills the mood and can make your partner uncomfortable.
  6. Use Lubrication – This is one particular thing which can kill the most romantic love making despite the fact that it is not considered an important one. Just imagine that you are ready to plunge in pleasure hole and then you are not able to enter because of low lubrication. Too much of friction is painful. It definitely is not a memorable thing for couples. If lubrication is taken care of, then it will be a smooth experience.
  7. Learn New Moves – A signature move might kill even the strongest of love in the long term. It is often seen that most people restrict themselves to particular positions because remains merely an act for them Also, it is natural to feel safe while using a tried and tested method. Some girls might like when you pull her hair but others might not. New positions and moves must be learnt to keep the fire of love burning.
  8. Bedroom Attire – It is time when you should replace your old night clothes and give your body a fresh sense. It is always said that clothes contribute a lot in your personality. Try ditching your regular clothes and feel the difference. Women have a lot of options to choose from- lingerie, bikinis etc. and that too of different designs, brands and materials. Change is the only constant thing and it is necessary.
  9. Dirty Talk – Come out of your comfort zone and dare to do something different. If you are not comfortable in talking then start sex chat with your other half. You can be more expressive that way. Send the messages while at work and prepare the mood prior to the act. If of you are comfortable in exploring this area then go ahead and be dirty with each other. We are sure you would not go to boring sex routine ever again.
  10. Role Play – Couples should switch to role playing to infuse more fun in their sex lives. Pretend to be strangers and stage an act which leads to a steamy sex session. Take cues from porn acts, play roles of lovers, strangers or lead pair of a movie; anything would work where you would forget your dull routine and indulge in fresh passion.



   Source : http://www.peniking.in/blog/