How To Please Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

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We know how depressing it is when you look at your little buddy and feel that it is inadequate to help you live a happy routine every day. No man in his complete senses is ever going to admit his lack of potential in pleasing his partner. Lack of knowledge is still acceptable, but having a small penis is something which is sufficient to crush any man’s self-esteem.

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Penis size has been considered the most vital part of any man’s manliness. Scientists revealed that the average length of an erect penis is 5.2 inches (13.12 cm), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches (9.16 cm) and 5.2 inches (13.24 cm) when flaccid but stretched. Men come in all shapes and sizes like other living creatures, so do women. The preference of women in terms of penile length doesn’t head in one direction.  There are women who prefer bigger penises, and then there are those who do not care about it at all.

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The good news is that you can experience maximum pleasure with the right person, regardless of the size of your manhood.  We are sure that you will live the best time for your life every night once you try these tips:

Rear-Entry is your life saver:

Penetrating from rear side would have its own advantages as this offers you deeper penetration. It will help you in hitting sensitive areas in the depth.There is a reason men love a particular sex position called “doggy style”Rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her bottom up, then have her squeeze her thighs. Avoid using a lubricant if your penis less than 5 inches. It is very important that she feels the friction.

Longer Foreplay:

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The truest test of your love is when you do not directly jump into bed to penetrate her. It shows nothing but desperation. Foreplay is a set of activities which are done before the actual act of penetration. Act of kissing, touching, hugging, and erotic moments is called foreplay. It helps in spiking the arousal. It is an established fact- longer the foreplay, better the lovemaking. Ask any woman if she prefers a longer foreplay or not? She will always answer in “yes”.

Make her feel Sexy:

Sometimes, it’s not size but the woman herself. Many women fail to achieve enough arousal because they do not feel comfortable with their bodies.

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To boost her confidence, make her stand in front of a mirror and seduce her. Touch her erotically, kiss her passionately and tease her playfully. Show her that you want her. Play with her body parts and compliment on her sexiness. She will soon drop her garb of her shyness and love every touch of yours.

Try New Positions:

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It could be possible that your regular position is not allowing you to make use of your manhood’s potential to the fullest. Researchers have established that 3 inches of erect penis is enough to sensitize the vagina. The most sensitive area of vagina is only three inches deep. There are several positions which target most sensitive areas of vagina irrespective of penis size.

Use Your Hands:

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Use your fingers to arouse her. You can make her go wild using fingering technique. Play with her body parts and hair, touch her sensually and whisper sexy things in ears simultaneously.  Talking and fondling make a wonderful combination, so go ahead and try it.


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